Enough Sleep Will Help To Build More Healthy Muscle

11:57 AM

Sleep is probably one of the most under-valued aspects of our lives that can have the most beneficial positive impact if we optimize it.

A lack of sleep can effect:
  • Willpower, decision making, motivation and thus food choices 
  • Your overall mood and heighten negative feelings such as depression and anxiety 
  • Your libido 
  • All cause mortality and risk of cardiovascular disease 
  • Your working memory 
  • Insulin sensitivity and ability for your body to use carbohydrates effectively 
  • Your ability to process information logically 
  • Your immune system

Now that you know how a LACK of good quality sleep can massively impact your life, it's time to make sure that you optimize both the length of your sleep and the quality of your sleep.

The 3 things we want to focus on are:⠀
  • Timing (getting to bed at the same time) 
  • Duration 
  • Intensity
Simply spending enough time in bed (7-9 hours) is not the same as 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

Source: Faizz Ariffin (Malaysia Bodybuilding Athlete)

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